23 September 2010

On Dog Weddings and Marriage Equality

Honestly, I hadn't planned to post today as I am sick in bed with an awful phlegmmy throat thing. But when this headline about two greyhounds getting married caught my eye, I just had to say something about it.

Any comments in protest over this story are generally from the "it's okay to be a dog lover, but this is going too far" camp. I for one am never the first to say what is going too far when it comes to a passion - be it dogs or bedazzling denim jackets. My issue is that a wedding between two dogs is being permitted while there are human beings that still aren't being recognized as legitimate couples.

Any of you LGBTQ kids out there - how do you feel about dogs getting hitched while you're having to fight for your rights to have the same privilege?

Does anyone else find this ridiculous?

Holy Muttrimony.
What's more, this isn't even the first dog wedding ever - there's a dog wedding web series called Puppy Weddings on WEtv's website, wherein dogs are humiliated as their owners dress them in scraps of tulle and march them down the aisle for their owners' amusement.

Yes. This definitely makes sense. People of the same sex have no business getting married, because it's not God's design for family. Two dogs, on the other hand, totally fits in with the concept of the traditional family unit.

If the cornerstone for the conservative camp is that marriage and family is based in the ability to physically procreate, then what about dogs who are snipped? If a spayed springer spaniel and a neutered newfoundland want to tie the knot, well, I guess they're doing it purely for fun just like the gays are. We can't have that, can we?

Or can we?

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