10 September 2010

Wedding Movie Review: The Wedding Planner and American Wedding

Here comes the suck. And two of them, too. And I ranted all about it via video here.

Sure, they're relatively old compared to some of the more recent wedding fodder to be released on the big screen over the last few years. Don't worry. I'll get to them, too.

But all this ranting and writing means nothing without a comment. Show me some love, people! xoxo

- Chan


  1. ugh hate milk toast movies. i know what you mean about not being able to "get worked up about" either of these films! i'd rather they be unapologetically bad or be at least mildy good. with stuff in between i just wonder... why bother?

  2. i know... i think that's why you and i try to avoid the multiplexes for the most part. the mediocre stuff. BLECH! it's disappointing that this is the stuff that's making an impression on couples when they're planning their own weddings. not the best role model, if you ask me. ;)

  3. I have a problem with most movies that revolve around weddings and baby births... I just don't like them. Most devolve into unfunny gender sterotypes and "oops, my water broke in someplace public" or "Wow, look at those terrible bridesmaid dresses...". It's all awful. (For those of you playing the home game, that means that the films "Father of the Bride 2", and "The Back-Up Plan" are just plain mind numbing.)

  4. @ Sean I haven't seen either of those, but they didn't look especially promising. I agree - it's the stereotypes that are the worst. They're so transparent and outdated and unfunny. I want to believe that studios are just horrifically out of touch with their audiences. But then I see people raving about these movies and how funny they were and I hope these people don't have the right to vote.